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The History of Golden Mailer, A Family of Marketing Solutions

For more than 30 years, Golden Mailer’s primary goals have been to help local businesses attract new customers, while providing local consumers with savings on products and services all over the East Bay Area. We are dedicated to delivering quality services at affordable prices and producing a product that works. Our passion to help other businesses succeed has been our driving force since day one.

Nicole Barger started Golden Mailer, an independent direct mail advertising company, from her kitchen table in 1981.

She had a cabinet, a phone and $750 in start-up capital. Working long hours as a new business owner, she realized that the business had outgrown the kitchen, and moved to an office space in Walnut Creek, CA. That first year, Golden Mailer sent out 200,000 envelopes. In 2004, Nicole increased the territories and selected demographics that local businesses could mail to. As of 2015, Golden Mailer mails to more than 2 million envelopes each year.

After growing up along with the company, two of Nicole’s children also joined the business. Over the past few years, the company’s ownership transitioned to Tristan Barger, CEO, and Sabline Carbaugh, COO.

The future of Golden Mailer is to maintain the success and community commitment that Nicole built the company’s foundation on. Building on those same principals of loyalty and personal relationships, Tristan and Sabline are launching the company’s new product: The Local Buzz: A Savvy Shopper’s Magazine, a portable coupon book that can easily be thrown into a purse or the glove box of a vehicle to be used on the go. It will be filled with great savings from local vendors.

Another of Golden Mailer’s marketing solutions is SEO (search engine optimization) services. We work with clients to find the most effective keywords to increase page ranking and provide monthly reports to track progress.

We invite you to join us as we celebrate more than 30 years of success. We look forward to the future of Golden Mailer as we continue to meet the growing needs of locally owned businesses all over the East Bay Area.

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