Traditional Marketing Tactics Are Not Dead

March 10th, 2015 by

I can make a believer out of you … Some people need statistics to believe in something. Some require testimonials from people like them detailing the success of something. What do you need?

There has been resurgence in direct mail and it has created a higher demand. Everyone is online. This makes it difficult to really stand apart from you competitors on the Internet. Why do we believe that direct mail isn’t going away?

  1. Direct mail has the highest rate of success in new customer acquisition at 34 percent compared with other marketing channels. (Target Marketing)
  2. Forty percent of consumers say that they have tried a new business after receiving direct mail, and 70 percent have renewed relationships with clients that they had previously ceased. (Ballantine)
  3. Almost 75 percent of B2B marketers rate direct mail as very effective. (Earnest Agency)
  4. Four-fifths (79 percent) of consumers will act on direct mail immediately compared to only 45 percent who say they will deal with email straight away. (Direct Marketing Association)
  5. Half (50 percent) of U.S. consumers prefer direct mail to email. (Epsilon)
  • Golden Mailer, Direct Mail Stats
  • “I learned years ago that when it comes to marketing if you do nothing, you get nothing. It’s that simple. I have advertised with Golden Mailer for over 10 years. Unlike the results of an Internet search, I am not one of the dozens of similar businesses fighting for attention. My Golden Mailer ad will be one of its kind and never will there be more than a couple in my industry. Advertising is expensive but if one customer comes to my business through an ad and later refers two more the ad more than pays for itself. “ – Michael Primus, Attorney at Law

Why Local SMBs Need Call Tracking

February 27th, 2015 by

Call Tracking … The perfect marketing solution for SMBs

It is important to know what marketing and advertising tactics are working for your business. For most SMBs a simple call tracking number with the capability to record calls, track campaigns by select numbers, and provide an overall report of how many calls each campaign generated in comparison to other campaigns is everything they need.

Golden Mailer, Call Tracking Service

Attach a call tracking service to your campaign for FREE – Contact us today for more information about Golden Mailer’s service or referrals for a different call tracking platform that fits your business needs.

Golden Mailer’s Call Tracking Services…

You can see what campaigns are more effective in the summer vs. fall. You can listen to calls and gather insight to how each incoming call is being handled by sales, administration, or even a call fielding service. Generate reports to reflect only the data you want to see and avoid digging through daily stats that have no impact on your actual conversion rate.

You’re on the go, and your marketing should be, too.

That’s why our mobile app makes it easy to create, send, and track emails, everywhere you are.

Call Tracking, Golden Mailer

A call tracking services is the first step to motoring how well a campaign is doing and discovering how effective your staff is at fostering a simple inquiry up to the point of sale. What you will often discover is many leads are not tracked correctly or follow-up methods are not as strong as they should be.

But even with these often complicated software services, business owners still find that one of their major obstacles is determining what leads came from where?

Most SMBs that offer only a few primary products or services get overcharged for CRM and Business Solution software platforms that bill them for a long list of capabilities that they will never use.

Why do we recommend this method to most SMBs and local businesses? It’s incredibly affordable, you only pay for the information you want, and the reports give you a very clear overview of the information to best establish conversion rates and campaign success.

Eliminate Obstacles and Reach the “Decision Makers”

December 30th, 2014 by

A recent study published by found that 52% of in-house B2B sales representatives considered “Reaching Decision Makers” as their biggest challenge. What this survey failed to ask is whom they consider to be the “Decision Makers”? The most difficult part of B2B sales is to identify the person within the organization most influential when it comes to budgetary decisions – That’s the person you want to impress and build your initial relationship with. I call this person “The Gatekeeper”.

According to, a few other areas in-house sales reps struggle with are:

I come from a sales background, my focus is also on new business prospecting and client retention. These are all different forms of B2B sales. I increased monthly budgets, sold additional social media packages, and convinced the company to resign quarterly retainers regularly. Many of these sales were made without so much as a direct conversation with the CEO and myself.

These “Decision Makers” that every sales executives and associates so desperately try to get on the phone don’t take cold calls; a CEO will rarely take a cold call. There is that small percentage… and sometimes we just get lucky, but 90% of the people you want to get in front of have a “Gatekeeper”. They trust this person to not let any calls through, schedule any meetings, or spend any money on anything they haven’t been convinced is worth it. That’s why convincing “The Gatekeeper” is the key to getting the meetings and the sells you want.

“The Gatekeeper” will always tell you their boss isn’t available. That’s when to pitch them. If they buy your pitch, they will bring it to management. Don’t simply leave a message and hope the CEO will call you back. The people that screen my phone calls, emails, and scheduling meetings are employees I trust and opinions I take seriously. If they tell me something is worth trying, I’m often too busy to hear the details, but I trust them, so most of the time I will just give them the green light.

Most CEOs send marketing material to an assistant, department manager, or even an intern with a brief message… “Can you look into this? Do you think it’s worth doing?” Business owners just don’t have time to look into every single pitch that comes their way. But if it’s a really good pitch, they just might look into it further.

You shouldn’t be expecting a high success rate when you’re pitching business owners over the phone while making cold calls. If you have a long standing relationship, that’s a different story, but anything less than that, you can expect a lot of:

  1. I’m sorry, he/she isn’t in right now, can I take a message?
  2. On vacation for the week, can I take a message?
  3. What is this regarding and I will make sure they return your call.
  4. In a meeting… stepped out for lunch… unavailable…
  5. Then, there’s just the HANG UP (which is always fun!)

After 10 years of working on both sides I can say one thing is certain, if you find “The Gatekeeper”, the person the “Decision Maker” trusts and listens to, you will get a lot further than assuming there’s nothing they can do.

Ask the person on the other end if they are up-to-speed on the company’s current marketing efforts. If they aren’t just an answering service, send them the material – It’s better than leaving a message that will rarely even make it to the target.

Customers Agree! Locally Targeted Advertising Grows Business

September 25th, 2014 by

Developing a Long Term and Trusted Relationship with your Advertising Firm Takes Time and Proof of Success

Partnering with an advertising and marketing team that understands your customers is one of the most important assets to a successful campaign.

Locally targeted Advertising, Golden Mailer

Work with an experienced professional

To achieve the expected level of success and ROI you need to work with someone willing to dedicate personal time and devotion to your company’s success. You should expect an experienced direct point of contact that will help you determine the best places to allocate your budget based on your customer demographics.

“After only 4 months of advertising with Golden Mailer coupons our customer increase was so large that we are adding a second fence crew to cater to zones bringing in such high volume results. We were amazed by the immediate increase in customer traffic and excited to expand to more zones, grow our company, and continue working with the team at Golden Mailer.” G & G Deck and Fence, Landscaping

“My personal point of contact is fantastic! He is responsive and proactive. He has a sense of urgency and always updates me when new mailers are going out. He has patience with my lack of response at times and always follows up with me. My experience has been extremely positive.” – Vitality Bowls & Utopia Tanning and Spa, Consumer Services

Make them earn your trust

Every advertising campaign should have a goal. In most cases it’s to bring more customers in the door. If your advertising partner can’t show you that the tactics they are using work, it’s time to move on.

“Golden Mailer has consistently brought business through my restaurant doors since my very first campaign with them. Customers bring in the coupons on a daily basis, both at lunch and dinner. This is the reason I have been using Golden Mailer’s services monthly, for over a year now!” – Kana Sushi, Restaurant

Making the process easy for you

In addition to the design, mailing, and demographic selection, all Golden Coupons are posted online and available to consumers searching for discounts in their area via the Internet. The campaign process should not be stressful, it should be exciting and pain free.

“The entire experience has been very smooth and they cater to my needs as a local business owner. For the cost of Golden Mailer’s advertising services, it is a no brainer. I have retained so many long time customers from Golden Mailer’s print advertising mailers” – Vitality Bowls & Utopia Tanning and Spa, Consumer Services

“My experience has been absolutely delightful working with the Golden Mailer team. They saw that my doors were opening soon and stopped in while I was doing some finishing touches to the restaurant. This was over a year ago and I have been using Golden Coupons ever since. They operate in a professional manner, always stay on top of my marketing needs and readily available should I have any requests!” – Kana Sushi, Restaurant

Bay Area Social Media Opportunities for Local Businesses

August 12th, 2014 by

Almost 68% of people who live in Walnut Creek work for privately owned companies, and of those companies, more than 30% are considered small to medium sized locally owned businesses. On average, only 18% of small businesses are using social media as a marketing tool to reach out and engage with current and potential customers. A recent survey revealed that more than 60% of business owners don’t think investing in a social media marketing strategy will benefit their brand or financial success.

Social Media Opportunities for East Bay SEO Small Businesses

Business owners disregarding social media as a waste of time will continue to alienate potential customers and slowly lose current customers. Even your loyal customers will gravitate toward similar (and competitive) local businesses that are actively engaging with the community online and creating brand recognition that digital consumers recognize and trust.

Digital media is how most consumers are attaining information. Bay Area social media has outgrown the days where social platforms like Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube simply helped people keep in touch with college friends and share baby pictures.

Why are Bay Area social media marketing strategies such a vital vehicle to engage with customers? There are more than 325 million mobile devices in the United States alone. Consumers use their phones to find the best deals on products and services close to them. Cars even have built-in technology that tells the driver where the cheapest gas station is within a 5-mile radius. Consumers can literally ask their mobile phone questions about where to eat if they’re looking for a restaurant close by. The voice on the other end, commonly known as “Siri”, quickly searches the web and provides a list of the closest sushi restaurants or what Mexican restaurants are still serving happy hour prices.

If you aren’t implementing an Internet strategy, you aren’t coming up in these searches and you’re losing a lot of costumers simply because they don’t know you’re there. Mobile devices graduated from simple communication conveniences to human appendages. This wasn’t a slow evolution, we blinked and the digital age surrounded us… America’s primary source for information and sometimes even an addiction. If your advertising efforts with print coupons, mailers, magazines, or newspapers does not include online placement of those coupons you are wasting valuable time and money.

The same survey, sponsored by Network Solutions, provided the below feedback from the 18% of small business actively using social media to engage with consumers and increase brand awareness. Here are some stats about what social media can do for Bay Area businesses, especially if you have competition you’re losing business to.

  1. 70% indicated that their social media presence met or exceeded their expectations
  2. 61% stated that social media brought them new customers
  3. 52% found it developed a higher awareness for their organization with their target market
  4. 46% stated that it helped them stay engaged with current customers
  5. Only 6% reported that negative comments by dissatisfied customers hurt the image of their company more than social media helped it (Keep your eye out for our next blog that will discuss reputation management and why monitoring your online brand is so vital – regardless of your hesitation to actively push your business online, you are likely still being mentioned in reviews and rankings.)
  6. 50% found that it takes up more time than they expected
  7. 75% reported that they broke even or made money using social media, in spite of the time required to actively participate
  8. 84% believe that they anticipate that they will either break even or make money with social media within the next year

Bay Area Website Design & SEO: Online Marketing Budgets

July 15th, 2014 by

How do you determine the best Bay Area website design and where do you pull the funds?

With all the advancements and new vehicles available to market your business, you learn that nothing is ever a sure thing… Once we find something that works, we tend to stick to it. There are two common idioms that are both contradicting and true. Marketing professionals typically pick one and act as a strong advocate for it, but when presented with the other, they have a hard time disputing the validity.

“Never put all your eggs in one basket” -OR- “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it”

Walnut Creek Website Design and SEO Budgets

The success of every business ranges vastly depending on the marketing strategy that is best suited for them. While a strong majority of marketing directors strictly practice the commonly used motto, “Never put all your eggs in one basket,” this is built on the fear that if all your eggs are in a single basket, you will end up with eggs on your face. We are a culture built on making investments, but we’ve also lived through decades of financial markets that have been fast to rise and even faster to fall… Thus, we are programmed to diversify. For marketers, this requires allocating your budget across dozens of outlets, hoping those resources will reach as many customers through as many different vehicles.


Local Businesses Thrive on Community Driven Marketing

June 17th, 2014 by

Local businesses face growing conditions that make competition and customer growth a huge concern for the success of the company.

Bay Area Local Advertising

Every city in the Bay Area has dozens of restaurants, auto repair shops, animal care services, smog check stations, home-improvement contractors, landscapes specialist, and much more to choose from.

Local residents search for a business that is in their community, affordable, and trustworthy. For example, how many smog check stations are in your city? 10? 15? Now, if you own a smog station, how are you going to reach your target demographic, without wasting resources in areas that will never benefit you, while also making your services stand out to consumers as the best bang for their buck? It’s actually much simpler than it sounds:

  1. First, narrow your demographic location: If you have a shop in Alamo, you might consider reaching residents in Walnut Creek, Danville, or San Ramon. Working with THOUSANDS of local businesses and more than 30 years of experience, Golden Mailer has years of data showing that you get the highest RIO when you target locations within a 5-mile radius. As a business owner in Alamo, targeting cities such as Benicia or Piedmont would be a waste of money and time. It would be a very rare occurrence if someone travelled so far out of their community comfort zone to pay for a service they can get locally.
  2. Second, get them in the door! You can’t establish return customers before you attract them to your company. The goal is to entice local consumers through coupons, deals, discounts, and rewards, so they pick you over ALL OTHER OPTIONS. This is tricky because you can bet your competition is also offering coupons. So make it a good one.
  3. Third, limit the fine print and expiration dates on your coupons. If a potential customer is reading the fine print, and feels the coupon misrepresents itself, they will likely project the same feelings about your business. If they are checking the expiration date, and the coupon has expired, they were most likely planning on giving you their business… and you probably just lost a repeat customer due to an expired coupon.
  4. Fourth, understand your community’s limitations and resources. Depending on where your target customers live, you must base your prices on what they can afford. You don’t have to give it away for free, or even be the cheapest service in town, but you must be affordable and tout your quality results. People will pay a slightly higher price if they know they are getting the best services/products for the price.

To learn more about successfully reaching your local community, visit Golden Mailer at:

5 Reasons Print Advertising Still Works

October 11th, 2013 by

Advertising is nothing new. However, as the years go on, more and more techniques are surfacing while others are being thrown aside. The most recent surge of advertising has been online advertising. Internet advertising allows companies to promote their business while keeping their budget relatively low.

The Internet is Not the Only Place to Advertise

Guerilla Advertising, Product Placement, Broadcast Advertising, and the once champion of advertising: Print Advertising, are each still viable ways to diversify your ad campaign. Print advertising in particular used to be the go-to technique for advertising. Nowadays though, companies worry that consumers are no longer looking in the places that these advertisements are placed. For example, advertising in a newspaper was once incredibly popular, but lately customers are often reading their newspapers online or on their phone so companies look to online advertising once again. However, companies shouldn’t ditch Print Advertising just yet, because there are still some great reasons that Print Advertising still works:

  1. Print ads have a larger impact on the consumer.

    Print ads are likely to stick with a reader. There was once a study at Penn State that tested a person’s memory of online and print ads. At the end of the test, it had become apparent that print ads stuck with the consumer easier and they were able to recollect those ads much better.
  2. Print advertising can target certain audiences more.

    With print advertising, businesses can choose exactly where they would like their ad placed. Golden Mailer is a great example of this. They go even farther to help businesses target the right people by targeting specific cities and incomes. They also target specific home ages to best suit the business that they are advertising.
  3. An additional form of advertising is incredibly beneficial.

    A lot of companies have completely ditched the use of any marketing that isn’t online. They view online marketing as cheaper, easier, and more likely to get results. However, even if your opinion sways in the favor of either print advertising or online advertising, using both is much more effective. Print advertising is definitely not dead and viewing it in that way is likely to cause your business to miss out on some important customers.
  4. There are actually people that don’t use the internet.

    Yeah I know it’s kind of crazy to think about it nowadays, but it is very true. There are people that couldn’t care less about using the internet and those people should not be forgotten. If these people are completely disregarded just for the sake that online advertising is easier, then business could miss out on many potential customers.
  5. It’s tangible, thus more trustable.

    The internet is flooded with fake advertisements that can lead you to getting a virus or having some dirty pop-ups cover your screen. The latter of which is an incredibly awkward thing, especially if your significant other walks into the room at just the right time and you are found with the pages opened up all over the place. Print advertising can’t even do any of this, thus people don’t view them as scams like they do a lot of internet ads. On top of this, the internet is still viewed in a cautious light and print ads have been around forever and people have no reason to mistrust them.

Print Is Not Dead

As you can see, there are many reasons print is still a viable option as a part of your advertising campaign. Print will work synergistically with your online and other advertising methods to produce valuable results for your company. Remember advertising is all about experimentation; and for an experiment to yield good results you need to use many variables; discover for yourself how print advertising can benefit you.

How to Design an Effective Coupon Ad that Works

June 25th, 2012 by

Coupon advertising provides a very small amount of space to give the information that motivates customers to use your services or products. To attract customers, you need to provide the right information, in the right format, over a sufficient period of time. Whether you design your own coupon ad or have one of our advertising specialists prepare it for you, make sure you study the copy, artwork, and offer carefully. Here are a few questions to ask yourself that will help you decide if your ad is ready for publication:

  1. Does your ad should have a specific message that tells about your product or service? Is it concise and to the point? Can you remove words that aren’t needed?
  2. Is what you’re saying in the ad reasonable, factual, and believable?
  3. Is the offer good enough to entice someone to act? Would you use this coupon?
  4. Have you set up a system to track your returned coupons? It can be as simple as a small code in the disclaimer, or changing colors for different advertising products.

Direct mail advertising works best when you have simple message, a believable statement of fact about your product or service, a specific offer for that product or service, and once you know the ad is working for you, a consistent, repeatable campaign to keep your name, offer, and information before a target audience in a specific area.

I know we have presented these suggestions in the past, but they should be repeated as often as possible. This approach works and, if you use them, you will find a greater degree of success in your direct mail advertising. Let us know any methods or approaches to direct mail advertising that have worked for you.

5 Reasons Your Ad Isn’t Working

May 18th, 2012 by

Too often an ad will have too much information, be too confusing, have too many offers or not run often enough. Coupon advertising is, by its nature, provided in a small space. We have seen many clients try to cram too much information into this space thinking that they will get more leads, but this is not true. We have also seen clients not give their ad enough time in the market to see a true response rate. There are a few good reasons for this:

  1. When designing your ad consider each ad as a specific, narrow statement about one item or service. Don’t clutter your message with more information than the customer needs, your goal is for the customer to call you so that you can solve their specific problem.
  2. Avoid confusion! Identify the main point of the advertisement, make sure you have one specific statement that is believable and factual.
  3. Stay away from too many offers. If you must have multiple offers limit them to no more than two to three. Avoid exaggerated claims or vague statements. And, focus your ad on what the customer wants by identifying a product or service that is relevant for the time or season.
  4. Once you have an offer that is working, keep using it!
  5. Repetition is essential in assuring increased response. Repetition reinforces your offer and the more often you put the offer or information about your offer before the customer the more likely you are to generate a sale. Too often business owners look to make one big, bold statement and spend a large sum of their advertising budget in the process and these “big, bold” efforts are not as successful as planned. Most of us are slow to grasp an offer either because we do not see the need or the timing is not right. Repetition of your offer combined with a targeted message will increase your chances of making a sale.

Coupon advertising is not rocket science, but it is wise to follow certain rules or guidelines to be successful. By following the rules suggested above you will enhance your chances for a direct mail advertisement program.

Now, it’s your turn! Let me know what has worked for you and why. If you want to challenge my observations, I sincerely want to hear from you. Golden Mailer is trying to identify as many business owners in the community as possible, to share ideas, opinions, and experiences, to help you increase your commercial opportunities. Your participation would be very useful, and we would love to share your insights in future posts.

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