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  • My company is Northern Lights Electric, Inc. and I have been working with Golden Mailer for the last 20 years. they have been instrumental with helping me put out a quality mailer that has helped to grow my business in the Tri Valley. I have received great customer service and have appreciated my Marketing Consultants creative input on my ads. I would highly recommend working with Golden Mailer.
    Northern Lights
  • My Name is Jon J. I am the owner of Glass on the GO! Auto Glass Specialists and I have been working with Golden Mailer for about 2 years in the Contra Costa Area. Their marketing Consultants are very ambitious and stand out individual they love to help their customers grow and I loved working with my Consultant since he was very flexible and was worried more about targeting our areas were we do business in then trying to get people to sign up for an advertising expense, He has helped my business grow ten times more since the day I have started advertising my business with Golden Mailer. Thank you so much Golden Mailer for helping my business succeed!!!
    Glass on the go
  • I've been working with Golden Mailer for over 10 years and have never had a complaint. Golden Mailer has always been there for my businesses (Grab Et Go Kabob, Copper Skillet Courtyard) whether it's for business cards, websites, menus, coupons, etc. I have and will recommend them to anyone who is starting up a new business or is trying to spread the word about their business! Keep up the good work you guys!
    Grab & Go
  • I use Golden Mailer to advertise our Free Wax Service for my European Wax Center in Castro Valley and the results have been fabulous. I only committed to a few months at first to see how it worked and was thrilled with the results. I think the prices are fair and we have had over 100 guests come in as a result so far. Since I have a background in advertising I know that repetition is key. I didn't expect results with the first mailer and was pleasantly surprised. I have tried many different advertising strategies and this one works.
    European Wax Center
  • "I started my business in 1983 and tried Golden Mailer. That was almost 30 years ago and I have to say that my relationship with this company is the best business relationship that I have ever had. They just don't make businesses like this anymore. Dependable and trustworthy! We started out slow. I understood that advertising is cumulative and that one or two runs may not produce miracles. I have built my very successful business almost solely on this company's advertising. They have always been courteous, helpful, honest, and professional with me. I have NEVER had one complaint in 3 decades! I would agree to a very large contract with the owner on a handshake or a phone call. I am thankful that I found Golden Mailer and I would HIGHLY recommend them to any of my friends, family, or business acquaintances. "

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