Contract Terms & Conditions

Contract Terms & Conditions

Prices subject to change in the event of post office/paper/printing increases or changes in state tax laws. In the event a mailing area or date is not profitable, Golden Mailer reserves the right to cancel or amend any such area(s) or any future mailing date(s), including those listed above.

The Advertiser named above specifically authorizes and gives GOLDEN MAILER, INC. permission to distribute the above specified literature. GOLDEN MAILER, INC. makes no warranties, expressed or implied, with respect to results or redemption of product supplied hereby. The Advertiser guarantees that all information given is true and correct. The advertiser agrees to assume responsibility for all errors in copy proofread by the Advertiser where the advertisement printed corresponds to the approved proof.

This agreement is nonexclusive with respect to business category and is noncancelable. Any change in frequency or quantity will be subject to rebilling at the then-current price schedule for the reduced volume mailed, and the Advertiser will pay 100% of the total amount of the current mailing set forth above.

In the event GOLDEN MAILER, INC. extends credit to a customer for GOLDEN MAILER, INC. services, I/we the undersigned personally guarantee payment of all or any amount not paid by the company or corporation named in the billing. In the event the corporation dissolves or files bankruptcy, the undersigned personally guarantees this agreement. The undersigned authorizes GOLDEN MAILER, INC. to make whatever inquiries it considers necessary and appropriate for the purposes of evaluating my personal credit standing and that of the advertised business. Further, I authorize any person to release such information as it may be requested. I understand such information will be kept confidential.

The person signing this agreement warrants that he/she has full authority to sign this Agreement on behalf of the Advertiser and acknowledges receiving a copy of the same. This Agreement is binding on the Advertiser’s heirs, successors, or assigns. The Advertiser warrants that he/she has the right to use any trademark or trade name requested herein and agrees to hold harmless GOLDEN MAILER, INC. from and against any and all liability and/or claims and will pay all expenses incurred by GOLDEN MAILER, INC. in the defense hereof arising out of the publication of any trademark or trade name in accordance with this Agreement.

The advertiser agrees that GOLDEN MAILER, INC.’s liability hereunder shall not exceed an amount equal to the total consideration actually paid hereunder by Advertiser to GOLDEN MAILER, INC. In the event it becomes necessary to place this agreement in the hands of an attorney or collection agency for collection or suit, Advertiser agrees to pay all collection and/or legal fees. ACCOUNTS 30 DAYS PAST DUE will be subject to a $50 late charge and 1  interest per month penalty on the unpaid balance. In the event of suit to enforce any rights under this agreement, Advertiser agrees that venue for such suit will lie exclusively in a court of appropriate jurisdiction in the county and precinct in which GOLDEN MAILER, INC. principal place of business is located as shown on this participation agreement.

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